Posted by: nomimack | July 26, 2007

21 Tin

 Images © 1990-2007 Stampin’ Up!21-small.jpg

Images © 1990-2007 Stampin’ Up!



Images © 1990-2007 Stampin’ Up!

My personal trainer liked the birthday card I made him so much he asked me to make a special card for his NOT girlfriend (not  going out but they sure seem to be dating). So this is what I came up with. It is a tin with a folding scrapbook and photo’s can be added from the 21st birthday party. My trainer then asked me how much for the birthday tin, I said well it cost me $3 for the tin and took me 1 hour to make, so what ever you think it is worth. Well he decided it was worth a 1 hour free personal training session on him. That is worth much more in $$$ then the tin but it also mean a lot more pain and sore muscles for me!!!





  1. This is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Don’t you just love the way guys try to leave things wide open by saying ‘Nope, she’s not my girlfriend’. The tin is gorgeous and if he’s anything like the PT that I had, I’m sure he took great delight in getting his money’s worth, LOL!

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