Posted by: nomimack | September 5, 2007

206 M.U.D.D.Y Girls Stampin’ Up! at Stitches.

This was what we started with. Karen and Kelly worked on putting up all our card samples. They had the hardest job as we kept changing our mind on how high should we go. Well we went all the way to the top of the stand. Bron & I worked on all the paper and Janine helped with the odds and ends of the set up, her main job was making sure we had things straight!


I will have to take another photo of this view as I have the whole starter kit set up in the tool box just like in the promotional flyer. It looks really good, but not many people asked about the tool box. I love all the paper on display but they keep coming unstuck. We started with just a little bit of adhesive so we can use the paper after this, but they keep peeling off so I keep adding more sticky strip.




Well our first day is over, I can’t really talk, which is not like me at all. SO it is time for bed. But I really wanted to get up some photo’s. More to come tomorrow.

Cheers and Happy Stamping,




  1. Wow Naomi, the stand looks great (small) but great. You have all done a fantastic job setting it up. See you Saturday!

  2. Fabulous job girls. I love the rolled paper. It is a real attention grabber. And Noami I love your newest blog look, especially your header. Super. Good Luck for the show. Vee.

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