Posted by: nomimack | August 20, 2008

Day 1 Palm Cove!

Here are a couple pics from our first day at Palm Cove. Our registered first and I got see my good friend Sarah Klass. And Julia and I were lucky enough to sit with Shellie and Sterling on our first dinner. The dinner was so yummy. We then went and played Lawn Bowls which was great fun and I was the team captain. Although we didn’t win (hodgepodge and pretties kits!!!). Then when we got back to our room there was a really nice little gift waiting from me.

1st Dinner sitting with Shellie.

1st Dinner sitting with Shellie.

Bear foot bowls

Bear foot bowlsBeautiful Present~



  1. Oh, look at you all hob-nobbing, you lucky things!

    Glad you’ve checked in, I will be back to see what else you got up to!

    Chris McL in cold wet Hampton Park

  2. Hi!!!

    It all looks wonderful and it’s freezing in Melbourne! I am soooo jealous!!!! Have a ball. Give Sarah a hug for me.

    Take care


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