Posted by: nomimack | August 25, 2008

Day 4 Palm Cove Incentive Trip

We started off day 4 with room service as we had to be up super early to go to Green Island. It was the first day we had blue sky. But is was a little windy.


This sunrise this morning was beautiful. The resort had an amazing glow to it.

It was a really bumpy ride over to Green Island. Julia ended up re-living the room service several times on the way over. Thankfully on the way back we gave her some travel sickness tablets and she pretty much floated all the way back to the mainland.

This was our photo shoot. Seems there were so many weddings in Palm Cove that weekend we also wanted a little photo shoot of our own. Shellie & Sterling could hear us down the street. Shellie said to Sterling, I wonder if that’s my girls! Sure enough there we all were. It is so cute that she calls us her girls like we are all her daughters or something like that.

Our jungle themed gift for our jungled themed last night.

The Lion’s Den for Dinner.

Good Bye Speech from Shellie before we had a yummy dinner with the Lion’s Roaring right next to us.

Early bed time that night trying to squeeze all the amazing gifts into my suit case!


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