Posted by: nomimack | July 3, 2009

Beary Fun!!!

This post is for my good friend Gail Kirby. We have been going to several craft shows with our Stampin’ Up! businesses over the past three years. At each show Gail always said ‘don’t leave me alone or I will spend money’. She ends up buying more stamps. I always say, ‘Gail will you use them, do you really need more stamps’???? I always end up buying bear making kits and never seem to every make any bears. So Gail will give me a hard time about buying all these bear kits and never making any bears. I think I was up to about 6 kits sitting in my sewing box! Finally, I have now made three bears (2bears and a duck). So this means I can buy more kits at the July Quilt and Craft Show! So I thought I would share my sewing skills and show off my duck and bear. These were for my neice and nephew and I was meant to make them when they were first born. I was very busy in April making bears and  birthday cakes for Shaemus’s 2nd birthday and Rhiannon’s 1st birthday. You see, I am not just a stamper. 
Duck and Bear

Duck and Bear

Shaemus's Bear

Shaemus's Bear

Rhiannon's Duck

Rhiannon's Duck

Shaemu's Birthday Cake

Shaemu's Birthday Cake

Big 2 year old!!!

Big 2 year old!!!Rhiannon's Cake

Eat Cake!!!
Eat Cake!!!

She really liked the Chocolate Cake a lot!!! Of course Aunty Nome got her the party dress!!!

I have been doing a lot of stamping and scrapbooking this past month. All I need to do is post some of my creations, that seems easier said then done.  So I am now on a few days off so I am going to try and post all my creations.
Happy Stampin’, Cake eating and Bear Making.


  1. LOL! Congratulations on finally finishing some of them! They are beautiful and look like they are going to be well loved 🙂 Hmm, maybe at the next show I will have to look at the bear kits??!!! The wool I bought at last year’s Jeff Shed show to make a wrap with is still sitting in it’s bag – not even wound off the skeins into balls!!!

    x Gail

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