Posted by: nomimack | July 8, 2009

Pretty Inspirational

I am very sad to admit that I bought a Pretty’s kit at the start of last year’s catalogue. I have had the kit for over a year and I just couldn’t figure out what to do with the kit. My down line Julia Quinn couldn’t  believe that I hadn’t used any of the kit as she had already finished one kit. So I finally came up with few idea’s using the kit. I really struggled to come up with these cards but I think they turned out OK. I really like the one below, the background is embossed on the textured cardstock and I love this effect.

Pretty's Kit 2Pretty's Kit Card

Pretty's Kit Card 3Pretty's Kit 4

I have just had 4 days off and I was going to try and post everyday. Now I am back to work tomorrow and I only posted once! My photo’s actually uploaded very quickly today which is amazing. So instead of posting I actually got a very big job done yesterday. I finally cleaned and organised my craft room. I will take some photo’s of my craft room as this might only happen once in a blue moon!!!




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