Posted by: nomimack | August 2, 2009

Very Busy Month

I can’t believe that it is now August. Where did July go. I was in Melb0urne for a week in July at the Quilt and Craft Show. It was such a great week. It was great to catch up with my Stampin’ Up! friends and fellow demonstrators as well as some of my customers. It was also great to meet new friends and I always love to chat to other exhibitors at the show. I thought I would post a quick message. I am heading out to watch one of the guys from work doing some Stand up comedy so I don’t have a lot of time.  I am moving out of my house at the end of the month and I will be moving back down to Melbourne in September. I will be very sad to leave my very big and organised craft room. I have put a deposit on an apartment in Melbourne but it is off the plan and wont be ready until October 2010. It has been a very busy month for me with lots of exciting new developments in my life.  Tomorrow when I have more time I will post some picture of our stand from the show. I also will be having a pre-loved stamp sale. Now that I am moving I need to down size so stamps will be the first to go!!! If you want more information about these great desks call my friend Karen from Arnolds Scrapbook & Craft Supplies.


Love my desk!!!

Love my desk!!!

I love these draws!!!

I love these draws!!!

Desk for sale

Desk for sale

You can never had too many stamps???

You can never had too many stamps???

The mothership another  Kirby/Swan brillant Idea

The mothership another Kirby/Swan brilliant Idea

Fingers crossed I will be organised enough to post tomorrow.



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