Posted by: nomimack | August 12, 2009

Pre-Loved Stamp Sale!!! Updated

November update – The stamps listed below are no longer for sale via the blog. The stamps are in Queensland and I am in Melbourne. One day they will go to ebay or I will look at them again and say, no I want them. Thanks to all who supported my sale.

Here we go. Time to clean out my stamp shelf. I am moving soon and need to off load some stamps. I thought I would first try and sell some on my blog and what doesn’t sell in the next three weeks will go on ebay. If you want to view the imagines of the stamps visit and put in stamp set name to view it. If you can’t find it there email me and I will take a photo of the set. Price doesn’t include postage this will be on top of the price.

$10 Stamp Set

Sweet Spot 107665 (original price $19.95) Sold

$15 stamp sets

Small Sayings 111243 (original price $29.95) Sold

Sweet on You 111245 (original price $23.95) Sold

Little Pieces 108860 (original price 33.95) Sold

Much Appreciated 108875 (original price $26.95)

The next few sets were apart of simply sent kits which were above $70 but the stamp sets only have 4-6 stamps so these are just $15.

Remembering You 108510, Life long notes 112666, Friendship Shapes 108511

Background stamps sell for $33.96 on Sale for $20

By definition 109762, French Script 108816, Canvas 108764, Floral 108811, Well Worn Words 108954, Print Pattern 108895, On the Spot 108884, Happiness $33.95. Sold

$20 stamp sets

Bud Basics 111232 (original price $33.95)

Circle of Friendship 108767 (original price 33.95)

Just so sayings 110256 (original price $33.95)

One Small Cookie 113029 (Original Price 33.95)

Polka Dots & Petals 110248 (original Price 33.95)

Tager’s Dozen 110249 (original Price $33.95)

Sweet Sampler 112284 (original Price $29.95)

All I have Seen 108722 (original Price $29.95)

$30 Stamp Sets

Crazy For Christmas 107656 (Original Price $39.95)

For Father 114281 (Original Price $47.95)

 Be Happy 108744 (Original Price $39.95)

All About You 108721 (Original Price $53.95)

Festive Favourites 109790 (Original Price $45.95)

Beautiful Life 108998 (Original Price $39.95)

Blossoms Abound 108755 (Original Price $45.95)

Fabulous Flowers 112310 (Original Price $43.95) Unmounted never used missing 1 stamps ‘Dare to be fabulous’

$40 Stamp Sets

Solemn Stillness 108918 (Original Price $57.95)

Live your Dreams 114261 (Original Price $55.95)

Office Accoutrement 110243 (Original Price $59.95)

Tag Time 108930 (Original Price $53.950

Holiday Tag Time 104105 (Original Price $38.95 Canadian)

All Year Fun 108992 (Original Price $57.95)

Looks Like Spring 108864 (Original Price $57,95) Plus matching Punch $20

Bodacious Bouquet 108757 (Original Price $57.95) Unmounted un-used.

Greetings Galore 108828 (Original Price $57.95)

$50 Stamp Sets

Letterpress Alphabet plus numbers 108853 (Original Price $79.95 + 108854 $43.95)

Everyday Flexible Phrases 108785 (Original Price $79.95)

Expressive Flexible Phrases 108786 (Original Price $79.95)

WOW that took me ages to look up all my old catalogues and check the prices. The funniest thing is I pulled out 6 stamps that I decided I don’t want to sell! So if you would like to purchase one of these sets email me at and we can arrange payment and shipping.



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