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Easter Wishes

Happy Easter!!! I didn’t get to do any Easter workshops which is such a pity as I love making easter cards and baskets. But I did make some cards for the kids who are spending Easter in the ICU at the Mater Children’s. After being really busy at work for the past few weeks we ended up only have 4 patients. I made about 14 cards!!! I didn’t end up having to work but I did go in and for the baby’s I did their foot print embossed on the inside of the card.



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Going, Going, Almost Gone!!!

I don’t know what is more shocking the fact that last weekend I made over 60 cards!!! Or the fact that I am actually posting some of my creations!!! I was sick all last weekend and what’s a girl to do when she is sick and can’t go to work??? Watch movies and make cards! I was beginning to feel like I own thousand’s of dollars worth of Stampin’ Up! products and since I moved to Queensland I really haven’t been using it at all. Of course I go and order more stuff that I also haven’t used and it keeps piling up. So with a few days of the Summer mini catalogue left I thought I better put some ink to some of those stamps before they retire for good. I have to say that although I was sick I really enjoyed making all these cards. I didn’t look at any blogs or splitcoast stampers for inspiration, I just stamped. One of the girls from work has been asking to buy some of my cards. I didn’t want to just sell her stuff that wasn’t all that great so most of these cards I made doubles and triples so I can keep a copy and then sell some as well.

“For Father” set of three stamps.

I really wanted this set because of the tool box. My dad and brother are Carpenters and this stamp is perfect to make cards for them both. I really don’t love the dog card. Considering I made 60 cards and their is only one card that I don’t really like that is pretty good going !




“Big on Spring”  Set of three stamps.

This is one set that I just had to have. So I finally used it and I love all of these cards!!!








Case it Saturday!!! On one of the yahoo groups I am a member of  they have a Case it Saturday challenge. This first card below was made by Karen Wood’s one of my friends and fellow Stampin’ Up! demonstrators as a demonstration at the Melbourne Stitches & Craft Show. I just loved the little purse idea using the tab punch. I am also very in love with the Designer Series Paper Ginger Blossom and Bali Breeze both in our Summer mini catalogue. I ordered several packets of this paper because I love it so much. I am goingto make a wedding scrapbook for my friend Nerida with this paper.

Card below by Karen Woods


The cards below are by ME!!!




I do have a few more stamp sets from the Summer mini catalogue that haven’t had ink applied to the stamps but seems these stamps are going to be in our new catalogue I figured I have a whole year to ink them up!!! I will also post some of my creations with our new stamps but this is a really long post so I might post them tomorrow!


I have to say it is really good to be stamping again. Now all I need is a few workshops to show off my creations.


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Some Holiday Highlights!!!

First stop Prague.


Then the Berlin Wall!!!



Holland and Amsterdam!!!












We weren’t very good at this! But it was so much fun watching everyone pose for these silly photo’s.




The perfect way to finish off our day in Florence. My favourite day.







Munich and a very fun night of beer drinking!!!


Salzburg Austria and the Sound of music, or at least an attempt!!!



WOW it’s February!!! I have been back from my extended holiday for almost two months now!!! What have been doing, NOT STAMPING! I spent Christmas with my family up on the sunny coast. I headed to Melbourne for my friend Margot Wedding and I have now moved in to my own place! So now I can stamp. I thought I should post a couple pictures from my trip as I honestly haven’t done anything with Stampin’ Up! since September! My first stop was to Canada which of course meant a small bit of stamping with my two favourite Stampin’ Up! demonstrators Julie Dinn and Carolynn Sander. Julie was showing us her new toy this Big Shot. Now I have not purchased or used any cutting system so it was very cool to see this in action! Julie and Carolynn are always so good at giving me inspiration the only problem is that it was in September and I can’t remember what I was inspired to do. Surely it will come back to me.  Oh, and this is a nice picture of me before I gained my Europe KG’s 4kg in fact and I am still struggling to loose them, can’t fit into my work pants! To much of a good thing, is NOT a good thing!!!





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Julia’s Little Album

My downline Julia made me a beautiful little album to thank me for taking her on the incentive trip. It is so cute I love it.

Creative Nome's Album

Creative Nome





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September Update

Amazing!!! Not only have a made a couple of cards, I am also posting them. The card below is a card I made for my friend Virgina & Fede’s Wedding which was on the 7th of September in Melbourne. I also thought this would be a cute wedding invitation for my friend Margot’s wedding. Although they have decided on something a little different.
For Fede & Virginia

For Fede & Virginia

This card below was inspired by a card I saw on the incentive trip. My friend Carolynn gave me this set when I was in Canada in January. I hadn’t used it before but thought this was a very cute card.
Special Card


On the 10th of September we had our Brisbane regional training event and I was asked to give a 10 minute talk on a Stampin’ Up! Business tip. So did my talk on Goal setting for your Stampin’ Up! business. I talked about how I set my goal to earn the incentive trip. I even made a poster to help me remember what I wanted to talk about.  


Goal Setting Talk

Goal Setting Talk

Me, Vicky, Nikki & Steph
Me, Vicky, Nikki & Steph


Our regional manager of Stampin’ Up! Austrlia also did a presentation which included a little stampin’ and he did a great job.


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Day 5 Incentive Trip Palm Cove

Our last day in Palm Cove was just a lot of saying good bye to old and new friends. It was a little sad as some of these girls we wont see until Canberra in May.  We started off the day having breakfast with our Australian Regional Manager Aaron and his lovely wife Karen. We all had delicious mango smoothies. Then Julia and I went for one last walk along Palm Cove. We actually never walked all the way up to the end of Palm Cove to see all the shops, we were pretty busy or a little lazy when we did have some spare time. I did manager to do a little shopping and got a new wallet and a nighty. I didn’t even get any gifts for any of my family. This really was my little holiday.
Aaron and lots of mango smoothies

Aaron and lots of mango smoothies
The Kiwi Crew
The Kiwi Crew
Queenslanders going back to Queensland?

Queenslanders going back to Queensland?

Kim, Keesha & Rob

Kim, Keesha & Rob

Kelly Bowel & Karen Woods

Kelly Bowel & Karen Woods

Marelle & Dave

Marelle & DaveThe Elite Stampers Crew

Going on the incentive trip has really just confirmed what I already knew, how great a company Stampin’ Up! is and how lucky I am to be apart of such a great company. They really know how to treat us demonstrators and make all our hard work and effort feel worth it. Ever since I have been back from the trip I have been in the best mood. I don’t think anything can make me upset right now. OK, so maybe I am in a good mood because I only have three weeks until I go oversea’s on my big holiday. A part of me can’t wait for this holiday but another part of me can’t wait to get back and keep working on my Stampin’ Up! business.

Happy Stamping,


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Day 4 Palm Cove Incentive Trip

We started off day 4 with room service as we had to be up super early to go to Green Island. It was the first day we had blue sky. But is was a little windy.


This sunrise this morning was beautiful. The resort had an amazing glow to it.

It was a really bumpy ride over to Green Island. Julia ended up re-living the room service several times on the way over. Thankfully on the way back we gave her some travel sickness tablets and she pretty much floated all the way back to the mainland.

This was our photo shoot. Seems there were so many weddings in Palm Cove that weekend we also wanted a little photo shoot of our own. Shellie & Sterling could hear us down the street. Shellie said to Sterling, I wonder if that’s my girls! Sure enough there we all were. It is so cute that she calls us her girls like we are all her daughters or something like that.

Our jungle themed gift for our jungled themed last night.

The Lion’s Den for Dinner.

Good Bye Speech from Shellie before we had a yummy dinner with the Lion’s Roaring right next to us.

Early bed time that night trying to squeeze all the amazing gifts into my suit case!

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Day 3 Palm Cove Friday!

Today was so much fun and so far my favourite day of the whole trip. We started the day off with a very yummy and full of calories breakfast and then got to stamp! We were given a brand new never ever seen before stamp set, pumkin bag and two ink pads and a versa mark that is actually clear. We will be getting this stamp set in our next mini catalogue in December. We did three make & takes and also did our card swap.
Make & Takes!


It was also annouced that we will be getting in our Summer mini the scallop punch!!! Everyone was very excited about that!
Ocean Commotion (never seen before)

Ocean Commotion (never seen before)

We had a very yummy lunch at a place called NuNu’s. And then I had the most wonderful amazing two and a half hour spa treatment. This included a full body scrub, body conditioner and a Fusion Massage. It was so nice, my skin now feels amazing! The best money I have ever spent on my self, so worth it.

Of course more eating (that is all I feel like I have done today is eat) and more chit chatting about stampin’ up!. Hopefully by tomorrow we will be all sick of talking about Stampin’ Up! and will find something else to talk about, highly unlikely though!  The poor husbands really must get sick of hearing about us talking about Stampin’ Up!

To finish off the day we get back to our rooms and have a huge box waiting for us and it had a beautiful bath robe with my initials on it NS! Sorry the picture wouldn’t up load and it is getting too late so I will try tomorrow.

Happy Stampin!


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Day 2 Palm Cove!!!

Yesterday was a very busy day. We went to Kuranda on the train and came back on the Sky Rail. It was really nice walking around Kuranda. So here are a couple of pics.

Kuranda Scenic Railway

Kuranda Scenic Railway At the lookout with Julia, Sarah & Me

Sky Rail

Sky Rail

Shellie & Sterling on the Sky Rail

Shellie & Sterling on the Sky Rail

Julia Quinn

Julia Quinn

Everyday we get to spin a prize wheel. I have won a great prizes everyday. So far I have won Theater Ribbon Originals, Cherished Rub on’s and Pockets & Pieces Office Accents. I am hoping to make it 4 out of 4 tomorrow.
Spinning the prize wheel !!!

Spinning the prize wheel !!!

The start of a very big night! Was goes on tour stays on tour!

The start of a very big night! What goes on tour stays on tour!Thursday night dinner

The prezzie waiting in our room Thursday Night…………………………………….Thursday Night Prezzie


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